Goal Setting-Suzhou UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers2020

       "Golden Pig Update Leave Gear、God Rat Happy Zhan Hongzhi ",On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2020,To further encourage morale、Singing and Dance、Excited Fighting Board、Show employee style,On the evening of December 27,Suzhou UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers holds a 2020 Spring Festival Gala at the Spring Festival Grand Hotel,All employees gathered together、Singing and Dance,Summary 2019,Outlook 2020。

       Annual Meeting Overall Meeting and Gala.

       The conference is based on the theme of "Goal Setting-Suzhou UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers2020",Looking back on this year's journey,sweat,Smile,But we always do not abandon or give up、Belief of Benefits,We achieved certain achievements in 2019,Outlook 2020,At the meeting, we invited Wuxi Tianbei to start the PDM project to start the meeting,PDM start is exactly a new starting point of our Suzhou UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers2020,A new starting point to guide us to standardize standardization and strict enterprises。In the meeting, there is not only a wonderful moment of PDM activation,There are also wonderful work summary reports of various departments and planning of 2020,Wonderful speech by the general manager。

       With a song in the New Year, the party officially kicked off.The whole party is rich and diverse,There are solo、Singing、Chorus,And dance、talk show,Imitation show and other programs;Except the program,There are wonderful interactive games and the dazzling lucky lottery;More Suzhou UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers' first table tennis awards ceremony added a lot of style to this party;

       The show of the party with the dance "Wild Wolf Disco" by the operation department and the little fairy department,They show you the youthful and beautiful years with dance,Share the joy of growth,Their wonderful performances,Get everyone applauded。

      After the wonderful dance, it is the personal talent performance of the engineers,Talk show and individual solo。

      In addition to the exciting performance of the employees in the program, people are memorable,The most memorable thing is the imitation show by the leaders,Their beautiful and enchanting dances have won everyone's applause,Laughing laughed。

      The game link is also hilarious,Applause is higher than a wave,Everyone seems to return to childhood,Enjoy the happy time you fight for me。


      The most halo moment in the evening,Suzhou UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers' first Table Tennis Awards Ceremony,The champion enjoys the envy of everyone,Enjoy the glory brought by the stage,Enjoy the happiness brought by exercise。

       The show performance of the party is pleasing to the eye,The game lets Kaishi laugh,There are also the most important lots of lottery.,With the birth of the first prize,The party is close to the end。

       Wind and rain and the deeds see the liver and gallbladder,Breaking the waves in the wind,We shoulder like brothers,We cooperate with hands and feet,comfort when lost,Encouragement when frustration,Trusty when hard work,Let's glory and disgrace in our work,Union as one,Pointing on the peak on the battlefield,Ovil。

       Clear goals,Common collaboration,Harmonious atmosphere is our image,Awareness of the overall situation,Positive mentality,Thinning service is our style,UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers is a stage that shows talents and is a fertile soil for growth,A sense of consistency,The sense of belonging to condense into a common combat power,We are proud UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers people。