Golden Autumn September,UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers Group Construction

2019September 17th to 21stFor the hard work of the company's employees,Enhanced team cohesion,Rich employee's amateur life,Eliminate the mental fatigue of employees,The company carried out the annual employee tourism activities -Nha Trang 5th Tour。Nha Trang is a fishing port town in Vietnam,known as "Little Maldives"。During the Vietnam War,Golden Bay of Nha Trang is a resort of the U.S. military。Vietnam's climate is appropriate all year round,The coast is long,Water Qingsha Young, Many outlying islands,Especially quiet,Tian Jie, Relax when people are busy work,"Resort Paradise" for release stress。

The first day of the start of the trip,We started the first stop of the itinerary under the leadership of the tour guide — Pearl Island,We take the speedboat to the sea with excitement,Enter the destination,All the way with the speedboat to stir up waves and dance,Enjoy the comfort of the sea breeze blowing the cheek。When we reach the island, our hearts are already excited,Children have long opened their feet and can't wait to pull adults to the paradise,colleagues with children can only chase the children to run。Other colleagues and their other half of their hands stroll on the beach by the sea,Enjoy the sea breeze blow,Sea water shoots on the beach with a coolness of the beach。There are also some childlike colleagues who go to playground like children,Enjoy the jumping machine,Roller coaster,The satisfaction of stimulating projects such as bumping cars。

Second stop Paradise Bay,Here is the mountains and waters of the mountain、Coconut forest onion、The endless coastline、Smooth Baisha,These beauty alone has made us enjoy it。Here we also tried to drag umbrella、Diving entertainment projects such as diving。

Third Station Silkworm Island,There are many large and small islands in Nha Trang,Silkworm Island is the most fun island,Play facilities are relatively complete,We play most at the most inflatable castle,This is a challenging courage。Many of our female colleagues dare not climb up,But in the end, with the encouragement and help of male colleagues,Female colleagues have tried it once。The most memorable is to dig sand to find shoes,There are a few "bear children" colleagues who swim in the water in the water,Secretly put their slippers in the sand,The embarrassing is that the bear children do not remember which area is hidden,Helpless only digging the ground,The beach was dug more than a dozen pits,But I still didn't find slippers ... The last five or six colleagues went to the next stop,Although it hurts at your feet,The face is filled with a smile。

Last day,Everyone embarked on the return on the way with a happy mood。It is difficult to hide the excitement,Share the interesting things in the journey。This travel itinerary also comes to an end,However、Memory,More affirmation of our work,The yearning for our beautiful life,Let us focus more on the current job,For our UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers for our Suzhou UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers。