In 2022, the total output value of my country's industrial automation will exceed 570 billion yuan

 Industrial automation technology is one of the most important technologies in the field of modern manufacturing in the 20th century。Conform to the trend of the times,Reduce production cost,Most manufacturing industries in China are inseparable from industrial automation technology。

On the other hand,The industrial automation industry enjoys strong support for national regulations and policies,Has a huge and diversified market demand,In the future, industrial automation rate space will be very broad。At the same time,Industry attraction is greatly enhanced,More companies will join in industry competition。Forecast,2022,The total output value of my country's industrial automation will exceed 570 billion yuan。

Industrial UAV 2022 The market size of 80.4 billion yuan

In the field of industrial drones,Advanced technology、High reliability、Professional services with good professional services,The added value of the product will become higher and higher。but but,Stop stable industry tide,Enterprises also need to master the design of the avionics system、Aircraft design、Advanced production technology and other core technologies,Automation、Intelligent、Effective development is very important。

In recent years,Industrial drones expand their scale in the Chinese market very quickly,According to the data of the forward -looking network,It is expected that the market size of the drone industry will reach 19.3 billion yuan by 2018,The market size in 2022 will reach 80.4 billion yuan。

Industrial robots increased by 81%year -on -year, the number of enterprises continued to increase

In recent years,Governments at all levels in my country have issued a series of support policies and measures,great progress has been made in the robot industry。2017,domestic industrial robot output reaches 131,000 units,increased by 81%year -on -year。As of the end of 2017,More than 6,500 robots related companies in the country。

Although there are significant improvements in core components and system integration,Some aspects are close to or exceeded the international level,But the overall competitiveness of my country's domestic independent brand industrial robot in the international market is not high。The critical stage of transformation and upgrading,Industrial robot enterprises should focus on improving the core key technology,Guide the development of the industry,Actively deploy the next -generation robots at the same time,Win the opportunity for the industry to move towards the mid -to -high -end。

Complete analysis and detection system industrial online chromatography is essential

Industrial color spectrometer is a category of gas color spectrometer,Provide important ingredient data data in continuous monitoring of production processes,Help for the stable production of processing process parameters for processing production personnel and enterprise management personnel。Current,Industrial color spectrometer is only suitable for constant and less trace gas ingredients online application。

The industrial chromatography must maintain long -term stable operation within the suitable detection range,This is the most basic requirement for online instruments。For an enterprise,It should be established and sounding a complete analysis detection system suitable for the company。This system should include online instruments and laboratory instruments,Only such supporting is complete and perfect,Insert the actual production and enterprise management needs of the company。

Overall,Industrial automation technology is an important means to develop and improve many industrial technology levels of the national economy。China's industrial automation market in 2018 began to enter the new cycle of upgrading,Adhering to the professional development method,Industrial automation market will get new applications in more fields,It is worth looking forward to!