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High -speed sensor calibration platform (export to India)
Product introduction

This device is customized for the customer laboratory。The product is Hall sensor,Equipment is finally installed in the client's Indian factory laboratory,Test system for testing various performance parameters and limit capacity for testing vehicle speed sensors。Users can edit the test process according to the characteristics of the new product; the precision positioning platform of the sensor can be measured by measuring the sensor,You can accurately locate in any location in 3D space; analyze the output of the sensor through an oscilloscope,The software is equipped with a variety of signal analysis algorithms,You can accurately analyze the performance of the sensor,greatly improves the ability of customers in the development of new products。

High -speed sensor calibration platform
Software Platform
Hardware platform
Parker High -speed motor; precision positioning platform; Ni PXI platform; Aglen power supply; digital universal meter; high and low temperature test box;