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Transmission pump installation wiring
Product introduction

This is a set of car steering pump semi -automatic load,The cycle time of the product is 40S,Products that can adapt to different models,Mold fast switch。With an error -proof system、Tracking System。There are 7 stations in the entire system,Each station has a detection system,The data that has been detected is uploaded to the customer's server。

Transmission pump installation wiring
Software Platform
Labview、Siemens CPU315-2DP/PN、serial port communication module 、Ethernet switch
Hardware platform
Swiss Chisle Kistler servo press; horse head tighten the gun; ATEQ leak tester; Keynce laser ranging sensor; banner optoelectronic sensor; banner LED lighting system; Keynce visual detection system; FESTO pneumatic component; Chen automatic feeding system;