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CHRA turbocharger manual line
Product introduction

This is a set of manual turbochargers semi -automatic loading,The Cycle Time of the product is 30S,Overcoming a total of three stations? First stop: Put the case; visual detection impeller shaft,Bearing,Stop push ring and positioning screw model; put the detected impeller shaft and thermal insulation cover on the shell;,Insert the bearings into the case,Explorer institutions detect the direction and position of the bearing holes,Then lock the positioning screw; automatically load into the stoppage ring,Barcode Tag。Second stop: Use the barcode on the shell on the coded gun; put on the turbine and sealing cover; push the turbine to heated (110 ° C) and simultaneously detect the sealing plate; Put the board on the case,Auto -feed screws; put the heated turbine on the impeller shaft,EXAIR cooling system to cool the turbine to about 35 ° C。Third stop: Bar code on the shell with a scanning gun,Put into the fixture;,Automatic Nide; Leakage Test (5ml/Min); axial gap test; laser printing QR code。

Software Platform
LabView; Step 7; Solidworks; EPLAN;
hardware platform
BOSCH electric screwdriver; Omega force and displacement sensor; double blessing laser displacement sensor; visual detection system; label printer; ATLAS torque measuring instrument; SMC ordinary cylinder; pneumatic skating; IAI electric cylinder