Employee Alist Staff Photo Album

Wind and Sun Li Nuan,Spring meaning now。The company's annual travel season,With this strong spring meaning,All employees in our Nanjing team have embarked on the journey of Zhangjiajie's five -day tour,Farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city,There is no work pressure around,There is only a strong discipline around you,Only everyone’s laughter and laughter of the team。In this tourist activity,Mutual help between colleagues,Unity Friends,Fully showed the good spiritual appearance of UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers,Relaxing mood,At the same time of relieving stress,Breaking the field of vision,Enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging。Every travel,We can all feel the different corporate culture of UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers,In UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers Family,We are all happy to pay。