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UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers

       UEFA EUROPEAN Championship Qualifiers was established in 2017,Is a collection of research and development、High -tech enterprises that become integrated into design and systems,Focus on the field of intelligent manufacturing,Business focuses on key components in the car、Robot application and technical services、full/semi -automated production line and related equipment、Large -scale on -site installation projects、Professional testing equipment, etc.。
       The company's headquarters is located in Suzhou,There is Suzhou、The two major R & D and production bases in Nanjing。The company gathered a group of deep cultivation camps、Senior professional engineers and experienced technicians with courage to innovate,Have strong technical ability、rich design and assembly experience。
       The company has obtained ISO9001-2019 system certification、Certification of high -tech enterprises、Suzhou intelligent manufacturing system supplier honorary title,strive to continuously improve technology and research and development capabilities in future development,Understand the real needs of customers,Customer -centered,The technical service that is good to the beauty is the purpose,Innovative,sharpness,Forge is the business philosophy,Design and manufacture and make efficiency for customers、Stability、Equipment that is convenient for maintenance,Intelligent manufacturing solutions for delivery。

       After several years of development,The company's scale continues to grow,There are currently three business departments:
       1. Automation Division: Responsible for automated assembly and process; automatic production line design and development,Including a stand -alone cabinet、Multi -counter、Full automatic production line、semi -automatic production line; industrial robot manufacturing, etc.;
       2. Division of the Division: Responsible for the total package of engineering projects、Design、Development、On -site installation、Management; Test the development of the platform frame;
       3. Testing Division: Responsible for the assembly and process of functional testing equipment,Provide customers with a variety of test measures and equipment in the automotive industry
       Three Division Resource Sharing,mutual assistance cooperation,Get up together。Since the establishment of the company,Steady performance increases,Provided high -quality products and after -sales service for many well -known car parts customers,such as Honeywell、Ingelu Soran (China)、Atlas Copper (Wuxi)、Terren Air Conditioning System (China),Bosch Automobile (Changsha),Bosch Nanjing,Ford, etc.,Get the customer's unanimous praise。It is also a gold medal partner of the National Instrument Co., Ltd.。
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